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Web Development

Lost your last developer?
We know how frustrating it can be to have developers disappear. You can count on us to be there when you need us. We have lots of experience and we stick around.

Online Presence

Need to connect with your market?
You have talent for creating your product or service, but need a trusted partner to create and manage your online assets. Tuned In takes care of your business.

Visual Identity

Starting out or growing?
We offer new design and ongoing support for your brand. If it can be printed, in any format, we can help. Our resources provide many options for making your business stand out.
  • Gary Yorke, Ph.D.
    "Sherry Scott is the most creative graphic artist and designer with whom I’ve worked. Not only that, she responds to all requests quickly and professionally, and she meets her deadlines! Sherry is a “gold mine” for the small business person and entrepreneur." – Gary Yorke, Ph.D.,  Read more…    

  • Carla Blumberg
    "Sherry Scott can do anything, get you out of any scrape and make your website sing. I highly recommend her company Resource Connection." – Carla Blumberg, Read more…

  • Lara Dolnik
    "A rare find, Sherry’s skill set and expertise is truly holistic. In each project I have engaged her on, Sherry has brought her artistic, creative visionary skills along with her reliable, insightful business acumen." – Lara Dolnik,  Read more…

  • Leslie Hyland Rodgers
    "Sherry has the ability to really tune in to the style and essence of our mission and then, like magic, she designs something that is not just great marketing material, but a beautiful work of art.  Without a doubt, the quality of Sherry’s work has raised the caliber of our organization to a higher level." – Leslie Hyland Rodgers,   Read more…

  • Abby Lentz
    "Talent, computer savvy, fine-tuned listening skills and the ability to think outside the box has made Sherry Scott a valued member of my marketing team for over a decade." – Abby Lentz, Read more…

  • Suzanne Rittenbery L.Ac.
    "A friend recommended Sherry and it was one of the best business decisions I've made. From the very beginning she was easy to work with, intuitive about my needs, and helpful about suggesting features…" – Suzanne Rittenberry, L.Ac.,  Read more…

  • Juli Fellows, Ph.D.
    "Sherry isn’t there to sell you what she thinks you should have, she’s an attuned listener who adds her skills and solutions to make YOUR vision work. Just talking with her helped me think more clearly about what I wanted and needed." – Juli Fellows, Ph.D.,  Read more…

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